27 January 2014

AW P & B 2013-14


Sub : SSA - Annual Evaluation tool 2013-14- Editing workshop – list of

participants – Reg.

Ref: 1) AW P & B 2013-14


Two days residential creative Editing workshop for Annual evaluation will be held on

Janaury 29,30 - 2014 at Aliya lodge ,Kasaragod. . Kindly give necessary directions to the participants to get their esteemed service at the workshop.

                                                                                                                               Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                                                BRC KUMBLA

7 January 2014

JRM ( Joint Review Mission )VISIT REGARDING

                               Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Kasaragod

Sub:   JRM Visit to our District – selection of school- reg
 They are directed to produce ,update,and get ready for the following.

  • Label the assets of SSA (year & emblem).
  • Display board for SSA funds to be updated.
  •  Cash book & Ledger to be updated.
  • Use of Child friendly elements in classroom learning process(STD,Lesson,Domain……..)
  • Teaching Manual and Teaching Manual register.
  • SRG Meeting to be done effectively and SRG minits to be maintained.
  • PTA,CPTA Meetings and resolution.
  •  All visit books of SSA to be Shown to the team.
  • Good interactive classroom process.
  •  Documentation of various programmes to be get ready.
  • Innovative programmes if any to be explained(Aim,beneficieries,Outcomes………..)
  • Various CRC level programmes.
  • Explain the effective usage of SSA funds you have got.

The District Project Officer (SSA)
Kasaragod District